Our 2015 mobile t-shirt printing event season kicked off in style at the weekend with a venture to Watford Coloseum for the All England Irish Dancing Finals. A cold and windy winters weekend made for an eventful drive to the famous venue, where Star Wars soundtrack was recorded. The venue was breathtaking, a huge auditorium and very well presented atrium.


Our first visit to Irish dancing competition was great fun, meeting all the different vendors and customers who had travelled from all over the UK to compete. The standard of dancing was high and the effort and dedication from the kids, some of whom were tiny, was impressive.

Our hottest item over the weekend was the official all england championship hoodies, a vibrant logo and great momento of the championship for those competing.


As mobile t-shirt printing we were able to offer a variety of customisations with many of the dance schools present having their names added to the hoodies to set them apart and provide a more uniform look. We offered a variety of gifts at the event also with teddy bears, water bottles and mug & coaster sets, which was a new string to add to our event printing bow.

We always enjoy adding new niche events to our calendar and working with the Irish dancing competition organisors was a great experience for us to once again showcase our versatility at events. We are always happy to discuss events in any niche and cater the offering to the customer base. If you would like to learn more visit our dedicated wholesale and mobile t-shirt printing website.


If you would like to purchase an all england championship hoodie or t-shirt just contact us with the details and we can have it shipped out to you!