Special t-shirt for a special moment…

The littlest member of Team Dunbar T-Shirt Shop recently got a new pair of bionic ears (Cochlear Implants). Having been deaf for 3 years this was a huge occasion for all the team here, to mark such a momentous occasion we printed a special one off t-shirt for the big day!

Featuring the ASL sign for “I Love you” on the back and a princess with a cochlear Implant on the front.

We always try our best to recognise all disabilities, with a wheelchair friendly shop and happy to take type talk calls. A big thing is deaf awareness, whilst we are not yet fluent in sign language, simple things like facing the customer when speaking to ensure if they lip read they can make out what your saying are easy things that can make all the difference to people with hearing difficulties.

If you have any additional needs and would like help with ordering you can contact us in a variety of ways and we will do our best to help wherever we can.

We also recently did a mobile t-shirt printing event with a group of disabled teenagers giving them the chance to design and print their own t-shirts and learn about the process of printing. This was a great fun day for ourselves and the participants and we love going out and about to see different groups and places.

As a family owned and operated business you may see our littlest member hanging around the shop helping out.

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