Why work wear matters

There are many profitable benefits to having a uniform for work, as well as many social benefits too.


When working in environment where you may be turning up to clients houses it is a key way to quickly identify you are not a bogus caller. This gives client peace of mind and gives your company a more professional image. Many small business and tradesmen have a branded coat which they keep to throw on over the top of dirty work wear to help them project a nicer image when pricing a job or visiting a client.

Team building

For companies with staff, having branded work wear provides an easy to adopt uniform and there are not arguments about what is appropriate attire for the workplace. Keeping everyone standard promotes a feeling of belonging and team spirit. This also saves employees money throughout the year as they have less wear and tear on their own clothing.


The biggest advantage is the promotional aspect, more clients will remember you and likely to refer you to a friend if they can easily identify your business from work wear, or if they encounter your branded work wear on a regular basis. You may find yourself picking up work in unlikely places, even just going shopping in branded clothing can land you, your next job. For static advertising the prices can be huge to a small business but for branded work wear you are the moving billboard, at a fraction of the cost.

How much does it all cost…

Probably not much more than your spending on clothes currently. Depending on the items you choose we have a vast catalogue of items which can be branded catering for all industries. For an exact quote contact us today.

But I don’t have a logo….

That’s OK even some well places writing with a clear font can provide the effect needed. We are happy to design your items with you at no extra cost, whether it be a simple logo or a change to existing logo why not contact us and find out more.


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