Perfect Personalised Workwear Starter kit

We are often asked what people should get when they are just starting out either in first time business or first time getting personalised workwear. The first place to start is to understand of course what you want your brand to be, personalised workwear is more than just advertising. Once you have your artwork ready to go then the quickest way to start out is to try, we don’t have any minimum order quantities so dipping your toe doesn’t have to be expensive.

We’ve also created this nice handy package as an idea to help you get on the road, it features the essentials to cover any trade.

A nice roundneck t-shirt which will keep you looking smart while working hard

A smart polo shirt for the occasions you might want to look your best (pricing jobs, meeting new clients etc)

A hoodie because let’s face it until you get going it can be cold working in the UK. This hoodie will get you started feeling warm and looking great

A softshell jacket, probably one of the most forgotten about items is a nice jacket that still has your branding. When you’ve finished a job and need to go price another or perhaps meet client for a debrief then you can quickly throw this on top of your work clothes and look professional and trustworthy.

The £100 starter package is available to any UK based business (other charges may apply, if embroidery there will be set up fee for the logo digitization).

Just contact us today to get going


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