We were shortlisted for Uk Best small shop 2018

What makes a small business great? Well being family owned and operated means we can provide more bespoke customer service, have the flexibility to work with our clients and give a much more friendly level of service.

It also means we help the local community whether it’s the thousands we raise for St Abbs Lifeboat, or the many vouchers and prizes we give to the local charities and groups. The help we give in time to bring new events via participation with Dunbar Street Art trail and Dunbar Trades Association makes the community a happier brighter place. Of course it is a fact that more of your money goes to good causes when you shop independent and that’s because we don’t have shareholders driving us we are real people who care about where we live.

We were delighted to see we were shortlisted in the 25 best small shops in the UK and despite not winning it was great to see our Government recognise the contribution that small independent business makes to communities across the UK. You can check out all the shortlisted companies here


Saturday 1st December is this years small business Saturday and it’s worth making a note in your diary to go out and use a shop on your high street, value the individuals that bring the services to your local area and by doing so you will help see town centres flourish. Dunbar is particularly robust in comparison to many towns across the UK and has a great selection of shops and services, but only by shopping and using them will this continue. They are often better on price, quality and service than City Centre chain stores and online shops.

The more money you spend locally, the more money stays locally, more jobs are created, more events and community things happen and more charities are supported.

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