We were shortlisted for Uk Best small shop 2018

What makes a small business great? Well being family owned and operated means we can provide more bespoke customer service, have the flexibility to work with our clients and give a much more friendly level of service.

It also means we help the local community whether it’s the thousands we raise for St Abbs Lifeboat, or the many vouchers and prizes we give to the local charities and groups. The help we give in time to bring new events via participation with Dunbar Street Art trail and Dunbar Trades Association makes the community a happier brighter place. Of course it is a fact that more of your money goes to good causes when you shop independent and that’s because we don’t have shareholders driving us we are real people who care about where we live.

We were delighted to see we were shortlisted in the 25 best small shops in the UK and despite not winning it was great to see our Government recognise the contribution that small independent business makes to communities across the UK. You can check out all the shortlisted companies here


Saturday 1st December is this years small business Saturday and it’s worth making a note in your diary to go out and use a shop on your high street, value the individuals that bring the services to your local area and by doing so you will help see town centres flourish. Dunbar is particularly robust in comparison to many towns across the UK and has a great selection of shops and services, but only by shopping and using them will this continue. They are often better on price, quality and service than City Centre chain stores and online shops.

The more money you spend locally, the more money stays locally, more jobs are created, more events and community things happen and more charities are supported.

Starting your own brand of clothing

We often print items for individuals who are wishing to establish their own brand in the market, and this can be a great way to use social media to bring in an additional income. Here’s some quick advice if your considering setting up your own clothing brand.

It’s like Sandcastles

Imagine your on a beach on a hot summers day and everyone is building a sandcastle. Your trying to get people to look at yours but with so much choice they just keep walking past. That can literally be the same as starting a brand. What makes you different? What grabs peoples attention. Is it a great design, perhaps it’s exclusive so you’ve built a wall round your sandcastle, people just can’t help being curious.

It’s unlikely your design will stand out much from the crowd on it’s own, with so much choice sure you may get some sales but it’s not going to sustain you. So create the mystery, the personality and show it off. This can be done via social media, what does your clothing brand say, is it cool and comfortable or perhaps edgy, maybe it’s a particular niche. Don’t presume everyone will get your design, you might be disappointed.

Speak to the printer

Don’t design without speaking to the company your going to get to make the items. It’s the biggest bug bear in the print industry, sure it’s possible to print anything but your design might need tweaked, it will definitely end up costing you more money than if you just work with them to achieve the best design in your budget with the best material option. Don’t worry they aren’t going to steal your design, firstly because that’s illegal but also because they want to be your printer, they want to work with you and grow with you.

Think of the whole story

People care about where items come from, their impact on the earth and who makes them. Make sure you’ve done your homework about your items, make sure that you can tell that story to potential clients, it may even be a strong selling point. People like shopping local, so don’t just google t-shirt printers and use any old company do your homework, build a relationship and work together.

Hopefully by this point you have a good grasp of what your brand will be and you are ready to start it out. Remember the key advice is keep it simple don’t be tempted to overstretch.

Perfect Personalised Workwear Starter kit

We are often asked what people should get when they are just starting out either in first time business or first time getting personalised workwear. The first place to start is to understand of course what you want your brand to be, personalised workwear is more than just advertising. Once you have your artwork ready to go then the quickest way to start out is to try, we don’t have any minimum order quantities so dipping your toe doesn’t have to be expensive.

We’ve also created this nice handy package as an idea to help you get on the road, it features the essentials to cover any trade.

A nice roundneck t-shirt which will keep you looking smart while working hard

A smart polo shirt for the occasions you might want to look your best (pricing jobs, meeting new clients etc)

A hoodie because let’s face it until you get going it can be cold working in the UK. This hoodie will get you started feeling warm and looking great

A softshell jacket, probably one of the most forgotten about items is a nice jacket that still has your branding. When you’ve finished a job and need to go price another or perhaps meet client for a debrief then you can quickly throw this on top of your work clothes and look professional and trustworthy.

The £100 starter package is available to any UK based business (other charges may apply, if embroidery there will be set up fee for the logo digitization).

Just contact us today to get going


Why work wear matters

There are many profitable benefits to having a uniform for work, as well as many social benefits too.


When working in environment where you may be turning up to clients houses it is a key way to quickly identify you are not a bogus caller. This gives client peace of mind and gives your company a more professional image. Many small business and tradesmen have a branded coat which they keep to throw on over the top of dirty work wear to help them project a nicer image when pricing a job or visiting a client.

Team building

For companies with staff, having branded work wear provides an easy to adopt uniform and there are not arguments about what is appropriate attire for the workplace. Keeping everyone standard promotes a feeling of belonging and team spirit. This also saves employees money throughout the year as they have less wear and tear on their own clothing.


The biggest advantage is the promotional aspect, more clients will remember you and likely to refer you to a friend if they can easily identify your business from work wear, or if they encounter your branded work wear on a regular basis. You may find yourself picking up work in unlikely places, even just going shopping in branded clothing can land you, your next job. For static advertising the prices can be huge to a small business but for branded work wear you are the moving billboard, at a fraction of the cost.

How much does it all cost…

Probably not much more than your spending on clothes currently. Depending on the items you choose we have a vast catalogue of items which can be branded catering for all industries. For an exact quote contact us today.

But I don’t have a logo….

That’s OK even some well places writing with a clear font can provide the effect needed. We are happy to design your items with you at no extra cost, whether it be a simple logo or a change to existing logo why not contact us and find out more.


Special t-shirt for a special moment…

The littlest member of Team Dunbar T-Shirt Shop recently got a new pair of bionic ears (Cochlear Implants). Having been deaf for 3 years this was a huge occasion for all the team here, to mark such a momentous occasion we printed a special one off t-shirt for the big day!

Featuring the ASL sign for “I Love you” on the back and a princess with a cochlear Implant on the front.

We always try our best to recognise all disabilities, with a wheelchair friendly shop and happy to take type talk calls. A big thing is deaf awareness, whilst we are not yet fluent in sign language, simple things like facing the customer when speaking to ensure if they lip read they can make out what your saying are easy things that can make all the difference to people with hearing difficulties.

If you have any additional needs and would like help with ordering you can contact us in a variety of ways and we will do our best to help wherever we can.

We also recently did a mobile t-shirt printing event with a group of disabled teenagers giving them the chance to design and print their own t-shirts and learn about the process of printing. This was a great fun day for ourselves and the participants and we love going out and about to see different groups and places.

As a family owned and operated business you may see our littlest member hanging around the shop helping out.

Where in the world is our t-shirt..

We have shipped t-shirts all across the globe and it’s always fun for us to see a picture of where they end up.

One of our customers recently went on the challenge of a lifetime abseiling down the largest commercial descent in the world. Abseil Africa (based in South Africa) was the location and with the t-shirt, a touching tribute to a lost friend featuring a picture with the dates of life, these brave pair literally jumped into the unknown. Taking around 8 minutes in total this is not for the feint hearted.

Such an amazing picture, we always love to see pictures of our work whether it’s skegness or las vegas you can send your pics to our facebook or email and we will share them.

If your doing a charity activity and would like some t-shirts with the logo, picture or slogan then you can pick from a wide selection of items in our online catalogue and send us the print details.


Shop Refurbishment

Our shop has undergone major upgrade to improve our print capacity and production area. We have been working hard over the Festive period to create an inviting space that is ideal for producing items quickly and efficiently.

Why not pop in to see what we have to offer.