Once again Dunbar is set to come alive with the vibrancy of street art on Saturday 20th August 2016. Last years event was a huge success attracting thousands to come down and see some of the best local, national and international artists in a variety of art forms. This year is set to be even bigger! With music, graffiti, chalking, painting and a whole host of kids activities to get involved in it’s great visit online casino jolietta that this annual free event is coming back to town.

Here at Dunbar t-shirt shop we are happy to be supporting this great local social enterprise which seeks to bring a blend of music and art to the town, via music and artistic events. Art and creativity are hugely important for a community and Dunbar has rich history and lots of amazing public art, bringing the focus to more modern art set against a backdrop of our glorious historic high street is the perfect juxtaposition of the old meeting the new.

We will be preparing a whole new brand of clothing for the merchandise of this enterprise and hoping to showcase some of the most forward thinking and innovative new technology to come to the t-shirt printing industry, so stay tuned for some exciting announcements about this merchandise.

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For more information about this years Dunbar Street art trail visit Dunbar Street Art Trail 2016

For more information about DSAT visit DSAT Website