John Muir was born in Dunbar and you can see his legacy with the spacious surroundings or nature our town enjoys. He also wrote frequently about the power of imagination, how it can inspire young minds and help fuel ambition beyond the norm. Some of the most enjoyable work we do is the most obscure, the requests for designs that make you say “there must be a good story behind this one!” whether it is a family joke or an artistic work that has captured the clients imagination it’s a great privilege to share that with them.

In inspiring people we have worked with local artists on street art projects to make high street visitors stop and be inspired. Banksy is the t-shirt printers biggest love, for he gives his work for free to the world and you would be hard pushed to find one printer in the world who hasn’t done a banksy print. Graffiti may not be to everyone’s taste but one thing art does is make people stop and take note. That is why we are delighted to have a new installation in our entrance from James Page, Church of Gloss.


We first met James when parting company with our rather provocative Mannequin. She had turned many heads on the street and even been serenaded by two young gentlemen with a guitar so it was nice to see an artist want to create something lasting with her after her years of good service. Giving away something that original cost £200 might seem crazy but James seemed like an interesting enough character that we could happily trust him to give her the honour she deserved. After many months had passed we visited the church of gloss on an artist open day and were delighted to see he had taken her to new heights. She is now nothing less than a goddess as you can see.


Looking at James work and discussing graffiti and my other artistic likes we discussed the possibility of collaborating further. Already in our shop we have 2 works of James proudly displayed in the back office, but we felt something was needed out in the public area. Having had the idea to completely change our shop front to graffiti be met with threats of legal action we quickly realised our entrance space was the perfect place for some inspirational art. The gateway to our workshop seems like a fitting space to have art that will divide and inspire clients looking to create their own art in printed gifts and garments. Today we finally installed the first side of the art and we are delighted with the vibrant colours and textures, it really does enhance the entrance.


We are hoping to have the other side finished along with some new shop signage shortly and will update with images here. It is important that as a community business and artist work together, whether it is music or paintings or any other form of art the local economy can pull together to help each other grow. This is one of many ways we enjoy working within our vibrant local community.


You can find out more about Church of Gloss on James website.