Local Clubs & Charities

We provide printing services for a number of local clubs and charities below is a selection of information relating to products for some of the local clubs and charities we print for. You can order these by contacting us or where available clicking on the link and ordering direct from our website.

If you run a Club, Sports team or charity and are looking for a supplier that gives you; Bespoke personalised items, printed locally, provided quickly, shipped UK and internationally, Bulk pricing even for individual orders and a friendly and reliable service then contact us today.

St Abbs Lifeboat – This charity has been close to our heart since the announcement that the area was losing a vital lifesaving service. Working with the team we have helped to raise thousands of pounds and promote a cause which has seen the reintroduction of a lifeboat at one of the UKs top diving spots. Buying merchandise helps to not only spread the word but also provides much needed income to continue to run this lifeboat.

Dunbar School of Dancing

T-Shirt – Kids £10 Adults £13

(please ensure you order the correct colour, Bright red for kids, Royal Blue for Boys Hip Hop and Antique Cherry for Adults)

Hoodie – Kids £20 Adults £30 (selection of colours to choose from)

Water Bottle – £9

Gym Sac – £5


Aine Hay Academy

T-Shirt £10 (Saphire Blue with Black embroidery)

Hoodie £20 (Haiwain Blue with Black Embroidery)

Zip Top £20 (Black with Full colour logo embroidery)

Onesie £29 (Saphire with black embroidery front and back)


Dance Discovery

T-Shirt £10/12 (Grey with black and red print)

Hoodie £20 (Grey with black and red print)

Zippie £22 (Grey with black and red print)

Dance Bag £13

Shoulder Bag £12

Gym Sac £8


Elevate Gymnastics

T-Shirt £10 (Heleconia Pink or Saphire Blue with white print)

Hoodie £20 (Saphire blue with white print)


Dunbar School of Music

T-Shirt £10/12

Polo £14/16

Bag – Please order direct from club


Lamp House Music – Please order direct from club

Robertson Martial Arts – Please order direct from club