In 2015 we are delighted to continue to offer our excellent affiliate packages to produce merchandise for charities and groups. At Dunbar t-shirt shop we are more than just a retail business we like to get involved. Helping groups and charities raise money is a great way we can help a wide variety of different people and help the local economy. Raising money on a shoestring is always a difficult task but in 2014 we provided over ten groups and charities the opportunity to do just that.

One of the best ways to raise capital is by selling merchandise for charities and groups, which we can help with. If you are looking to capitalise on your brand, want to promote your cause and raise money then merchandise is the first step. Not only does it increase your brand awareness, gets your message across to many more potential supporters but it also brings in money to help with new ideas and running costs.

How our affiliate package works

You can contact us to discuss your design and logo, don’t worry if you don’t have one we can help with this as well, choosing the correct colour scheme and products to best suit your supports. We then discuss the items which would best suit your supporters and provide you with best return for your investment. A typical sale can generate between 10% and 60% commission to your charity or group. Once one of each item is produced we then are able to take photographs and agree pricing structure, this allows us to then list the items on our website with a dedicated page – ideal for those without technical skills to get a free webpage to sell their products. Once it’s all up and running then it’s a simple case or promoting the goods for sale and we take care of the rest. The payments are made direct to you by Paypal, Bank Transfer (fee applies) or in cash at agreed intervals depending on sales.

Who is eligible?

Any group whether it be sports club, social group or charity can apply for our affiliate deals. We need to ensure that the merchandising will work and we expect you to promote and sell as much as you can to make it worth while, but by utilising our services we can reach global audience of site visitors that may also bring additional revenue. So what have you got to lose? Why not get in touch and we can get the ball rolling on your merchandise today.


For more details please contact us