three craws

Dunbar is home to many talented people, one of whom is the wordsmith Rita Bradd. On top of writing short stories for children and Poetry she has also adapted some of her children’s stories into a play called ‘The Three Craws’. The play has found success following a stint on local radio and Rita and the three craws were invited over to France. So this special live performance needed a t-shirt that would be fitting for such a grand occasion, reflecting the wild and varied personalities of each of the Craws, and of course the Writer.
Rita began with a sketch, being a creative personality and the three craws being such a treasured work it was fitting that she had the talent to translate her imagined art onto paper. It was essential the three craws artwork captured the Personality of each of the three craws and the Scottish heritage, a Saltire being held by the Craws was the start. Scanning in a sketch to formulate a t-shirt design is a complex process, a simple print transfer would not be vibrant enough for a stage performance.

three craws original

The work involved meant each element had to be traced and coloured to fit in with the character of each of the craws. To tie in a more Scottish theme we also decided to use Tartan lettering to frame the drawing and give prominence to the title and of course the author. This design process from start to end took two days to reach a prototype and seeing the design adorn fabric made both Rita and ourselves convinced this would be a terrific outcome. The final design, an 8 tone desgn (8 different colours and press), is not one you can mass produce quickly but the effort has definetly been worth it.

As the three craws began to take on a form on the t-shirts we then wanted to also match the colours of the three craws hats to the hats worn by the performers. A complete performance outfit of a long sleeve t-shirt and hat would give the audience a clear visual display of the characters and help them follow the play.

three craws
The final outcome was a fitting tribute to such a remarkable work, adding a new innovative twist to the play. Rita and the team went over to France and received great plaudits for their performance and I’m sure this is only the beginning of bigger things for the Three Craws.
This local collaboration of different art forms shows that with the right creative personalities innovation doesn’t have to be hampered by big budgets. We loved designing this t-shirts and to share in the story of this exciting adventure. We are looking forward to working more with the East Lothian art community on future projects.